This is the real thing. Are you ready?

If you’ve ever been to one of my events, you know how passionate I am about teaching. In fact, I do all my own trainings personally because I love interacting with my students so much. It gives me great satisfaction to teach them and then watch them succeed.

I want you to succeed. And my Commercial Real Estate Roundtable (CRERT) DVD series is going to make it happen. This is not the typical, outdated theory you may have seen before… or boring, re-hashed techniques the “pretenders” repeat over and over… this is specific, proven, real-life training.

And you can enjoy it from the comfort of your living room!

CRERT is a new training format that is interactive learning at its finest. Through genuine examples and detailed strategies, you will learn my proven strategies for Apartment Buildings and Multi-family Properties.

For a short time, you can have it at the introductory price of just $99. If you’re not satisfied, return it for a full, no-questions-asked refund. But it will not stay at $99 for long!

Cherif Medawar

Apartments is where it began for me

In the last two decades, I’ve done more than $420 million worth of commercial property deals. I’m still active today. At this very moment, I own and manage $50 million worth of commercial property all by myself.

But 20 years ago, I was doing my very first deal. It was only a duplex. But that little duplex spring-boarded me to the success I have today!

See me describe my first deal here:

Appropriately, the first property type I teach in CRERT is—you guessed it—apartment buildings and multi-family properties! My students say it’s the best training they’ve EVER attended. I’ve had the full classroom experience professionally recorded, edited, and put on DVD for you. Because it’s new and you’ll be among the first to own it, your cost is a mere $99!

Why Apartments?

  • After hitting bottom, rental rates are slowly rising.
  • In the past six months no commercial real estate type has been easier to buy or sell.
  • Banks understand apartment buildings and finance them readily.
  • The economy is down and many people prefer renting.
  • Boosting occupancy, increasing rental rates, and decreasing expenses create phenomenal cash flow.
  • You can use several strategies when buying, including lease options and syndication.
  • They offer a huge instant upside.
  • Easy to do an exchange for one with even bigger potential.
  • Great deals are readily identifiable.
  • Done properly, three to four deals can set you free for life!

Act NOW to get great deals on property!

The key is to buy my training NOW. Why? Because lucrative apartment deals are everywhere. These are properties that don’t need work — the owner just wants out. You can get in cheap, quickly apply my techniques, and use one of several profit strategies when you sell.

It’s a complete A–Z training. As soon as you purchase the course, you will see how to:

The beauty of apartments

The cash flow on a multi-family property beats that of a single family house. Why? Because if you own single-family property and lose your tenant, you’ve lost 100% of your income. With apartments and multifamily, you’ll always have other tenants paying while you fill the vacancy. In addition, multi-family properties let you pump out more profit with economies of scale.

But after you increase its value, I don’t recommend you HOLD the property. I recommend you SELL. Then take your cash and move on to another deal. This is how fortunes are made!

Don’t miss this buyer’s market for apartments. Get trained on what to do and then do it! In this market, you can make a killing by purchasing apartment buildings and increasing their value. This DVD course will teach you how!

My Proprietary FACTS System
Will Simplify Your Apartment Investing!

  • Find the Deal and the Tenants
  • Analyze the Numbers and the Trends
  • Control the Transaction with the Contract
  • Time the Due Diligence and Financing/Closing
  • Strategize for Profitable Management and Highest
  • and Best Use

See the FACTS system in action when you purchase the DVD!

Sitting in the classroom while I teach is the best way to learn my concepts. But let me tell you why watching this DVD at home is perfect for you:

  1. Not everyone has the time or money to fly to a live event.
  2. This new format is extremely popular with my students.
  3. It’s affordable as there are minimal overhead/product costs on the Internet.

As a result, I am selling this training on DVD right now for just $99!

And $99 is only what it costs you if you see the value in this information. If you don’t, your cost is zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

You read that right. I am so confident that you will be impressed by this training and how it can change your life that I stand behind it with my 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee of satisfaction:

If you are not 100% convinced these strategies can radically change the course of your life...

Or if you are not fully satisfied for any other reason... or for no reason at all... just let me know within 90 days for a full and prompt refund of your $99!

Whatever you decide, my course is yours to keep FREE. That’s right, free. How can I afford to do this? Because I know how empowered, enlightened, and excited you’re going to feel as soon as you learn this information… and I’m betting that the price of this course will seem like pennies compared to how much you can make in apartment and multi-family investing.

If you are passionate about success… if you’d like to change your life’s fortunes with commercial real estate… if you want to leave ordinary living behind… this is your chance to do that by profiting from apartments and multi-family properties.

Don’t let anything keep you from the life-changing profit potential of this training. Just as it did for me with that duplex… and just as it has for many of my students… one deal can change your life!

Become an Expert in All 12
Commercial Property Types!

The Roundtable is an exciting and invaluable education on every single commercial property type. The 12 property types include:

  1. Apartment buildings: duplex, triplex, four-plex and large multi-family
  2. Retail: strip malls, single tenant, shopping malls
  3. Hospitality: hotels, motels, resorts, marinas, timeshare
  4. Office: executive, medical, government
  5. Mobile homes parks and RV facilities
  6. Storage facilities: personal be-longings, business, boats, RVs
  7. Senior housing and assisted living facilities
  8. Land development
  9. Gas stations
  10. Parking garages
  11. Warehouses and industrial
  12. Eco-friendly commercial real estate

Imagine the wealth of knowledge you will possess after learning about every single type of commercial real estate! No one has ever put together education like this. And I’m one of the few who’s qualified to do so. I’ll help you become an expert in each for a discounted price of just $495!


Don’t Take My Word for It

Go to and type “Cherif Medawar” in the search box. What you will find is nearly 1,000 of my students who took the time and effort to stand in front of a camera and describe their results. I am always grateful to the loyal students that take time to express their honest feedback.

You will see that many students talk about how my trainings and investments impacted their lives both personally and financially. Some are ecstatic. Others are emotional. But all of them are clear evidence that I speak the truth about the real world of investing because I walk the talk. I deliver on the teaching promises and these success stories inspire me and give me energy to continue impacting others.

“I feel like I just got a supercharged, accelerated course in commercial real estate!”
—Catherine S.

“This training opens up Pandora’s Box to opportunity in the commercial market. Previously, we were just looking at the residential part, and I wasn’t too crazy about that.”
—Tom L., Real Estate Investor

“You’re not going to find another seminar like this out there.”
—Abi A., Property Manager

“I feel like a little kid in ‘playland’… all these new toys and ideas. It’s phenomenal.”
—Robert T.

“This training provides something most people don’t know. They buy retail. We’re learning how to buy wholesale and below wholesale.”
—Peter K., Architect